Case Studies

Across Europe there is a huge variation in forest types, landscapes in which forests are situated, degree of urbanisation, importance of forest goods and services, and socioeconomic context. Consequently, there are significant variations in the demand as well as the value of forest externalities, their cost of provision and options for their marketing. Therefore NEWFOREX will base its work on a set of carefully chosen European case studies representing a range of these variations, and in addition a developing country case study.

The case study regions serve four main purposes:

  1. as working labs where we will collect among the relevant populations (e.g. general public, forest owners, stakeholders, etc.) the needed empirical data on forest externalities values, costs of provision, and assess market-based methods;
  2. provide data and models for forest production and uses to assess, for example the role of trans-boundary effects for costs;
  3. as test and demonstration labs for the application of the developed methods for valuation of forest externalities and assessment of costs of provision, and evaluation of the potential for implementing market-based methods for forest externalities provision;
  4. as an excellent basis for communicating general guidelines and recommendations to the main stakeholder groups.


Case study Region (Country) Key forest externalities Key issues Responsible partner

Mediterranean region

Catalonia (Spain)

biodiversity, recreation, erosion protection

High share of non-managed forests, low wood productivity, and high fire risk

Atlantic urbanized Eastern Danish forest (Denmark) water quality, recreation semi-urban forests in an
old agricultural landscape
Boreal region (Finland) biodiversity, recreation/ tourism, carbon timber production
important, recreation and
nature tourism increasing importance
Mountainous region Veneto (Italy) non-wood forest products, biodiversity, recreation multipurpose close-to-natureforest management,
timber production is no longer competitive
Central European region Białowieża
biodiversity, carbon natural forest reserve under pressure from production forestry WU
Developing country Amazon
carbon, biodiversity, watershed