NEWFOREX Stakeholder Workshop in Copenhagen

The NEWFOREX consortium is in its third year and has completed a major data collection effort on its key research questions. This stakeholder workshop will provide the opportunity to present to relevant pan-European stakeholders an early introduction of priliminary results and of some main messages for policy and practice from this project. Furthermore, this event will also serve to exchange views on how to bring results effectively to relevant end users. The key objectives addressed by the project and by the workshop are: 

  1. Improving methods for valuing forest ecosystem services with specific attention given to the question: Who benefits from the provision of these ecosystem services?
  2. Methods for assessing the cost of provision of forest externalities, as seen from the forest owner as well as the society’s perspective.
  3. Develop and assess market-based methods for enhancing the provision of forest externalities, like payment schemes, certification or (re-)definition of property rights.

The workshop will take place on October 11th at the University of Copenhagen. The event can only be attended upon invitation.