NEWFOREX at European Parliament

In colboration with ThinkForest and ForestEurope, NEWFOREX is organising a Seminar on Payments for Environmental Services: a Way Forward for Mediterranean Forests? The Seminar will be organised on 27 November 2012 at16.00-18.30 in the European Parliament, Brussels.

The objectives of the event are to:

(i) discuss the specific economic nature of Mediterranean forests and their goods and services

(ii) present the latest scientific knowledge on payments for environmental services and their practical implementation in the Mediterranean region;

(iii) discuss the potential of PES to address specific problems of Mediterranean forests (e.g. forest fires, deforestation);

(iv) present and discuss the requirements for the establishment of PES in diverse institutional conditions reigning in the Mediterranean region (e.g. public and private forests).

(v) contribute to FOREST EUROPE Work Programme on actions for the valuation of the full range of forest ecocystem services.

More information is available at: link