Latest NEWFOREX publications added

The following publications are now available at the NEWFOREX publication's section:

Delacote, P., C. Palmer, R.K. Bakkegaard and B.J. Thorsen, 2013: Unveiling information on opportunity costs in REDD: Who obtains the surplus when policy objectives differ? Resource and Energy Economics.

Jacobsen, J.B., S.E. Vedel and B. J. Thorsen, 2013: Assessing costs of multifunctional NATURA 2000 management restrictions in continuous cover beech forest management. Forestry

Campbell, D. S.E. Vedel, B.J. Thorsen and J.B. Jacobsen, 2013: Heterogeneity in the demand for recreational access – distributional aspects. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management


Further, the latest project's deliverables have been added to the website.