The NEWFOREX project seeks to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. To provide new methods for valuing forest externalities that enable to handle jointly produced externalities in an integrated way. Specific attention will be given to the question: Who benefits from the provision of externalities? This is an important issue, as it is among the beneficiaries where likely 'buyers' are to be found.
  2. To develop a methodology for assessing the cost of provision of externalities. This approach will take into account costs of trans-boundary effects of forest management, as well as transactions and opportunity costs of selling/buying these externalities.
  3. To assess several market-based methods for enhancing the provision of forest externalities, like payment schemes, certification or (re-)definition of property rights. The project will also develop a method that will help to select and design the most appropriate market-based mechanism, by taking into account the type of externality, the values, the cost of provision and the relevant stakeholders.
  4. To disseminate and communicate the improvements and gains in knowledge about the methods for valuation and marketing of forest externalities.