Tasks (Work Packages)

The objective of NEWFOREX is to provide improved methods for valuation of forest externalities and methods for assessing their costs of provision, and developing and analysing new market-based methods for enhancing their provision. To fulfil this objective the project is organised into five work packages, according to the basic needs for buyers and providers (sellers), of forest goods and services, to enter voluntarily into mutually beneficial transactions.

The overall structure of the NEWFOREX project and the flow of information



Work Package 1

Bo Jellesmark Thorsen, UCPH

Financial and administrative management and reporting
Scientific management, monitoring, reporting and quality control
Organisation of project meetings

The main objectives of this work package are to secure an efficient administrative and scientific management, monitoring and quality control of NEWFOREX, including the essential links between the various WPs, and to oversee the contractual links between partners and the financial and scientific reporting to be sent to the European Commission, according to the terms of reference of the contract.

Work Package 2

Liisa Tyrväinen, METLA

Identify the role of key externalities across case studies
Design and implement valuation surveys
Analyse the integrated assessment of values across case studies
Analyse comparative results of trans-boundary values and externalities
Develop guidelines for valuation and assessment of forest externalities

The main objectives of WP2 is to provide new methods for valuing and assessing forest externalities, which can handle the fact that these externalities are jointly produced and hence must be valued in an integrated way. Furthermore, as valuation is a fundament for marketing, specific attention will be given to the trans-boundary effects of values, i.e. the question: Who benefits? This question will be analysed for the relevant externalities with respect to their local as well as global value.

Work Package 3

Anne Stenger, INRA

Identify the basis for assessing cost of provision in case studies
Develop and test methods for assessing direct costs of provision
Design and implementing forest owner surveys
Analyze forest owners' perceptions of costs and instruments
Develop guidelines for cost of provision assessments

The main objective of WP3 is to provide a coherent approach and method for
assessing the cost of provision for the key externalities in focus of NEWFOREX, as experienced by the provider, i.e. the forest owner, and society. This approach will target an integrated assessment taking into account that the externalities are produced jointly and costs of transboundary effects are related to management alternatives. Finally, the importance of 'softer' types of costs, e.g. transactions costs and risks of entering into binding contracts will be assessed. The information feeds directly and continuously into WP4, to form part of the basis for evaluating different market-based methods.

Work Package 4

Irina Prokofieva, CTFC

Identify currently applied market-based methods in case studies
Survey part on perception of market-based methods design
Analyse performance of market-based methods in case studies
Analyse survey results on perceptions of market-based method design
Develop guidelines for choosing and designing market-based methods

The main objective of WP4 is to provide assessments of several market-based methods for enhancing the provision of positive forest externalities. Based on the empirical material from case studies and surveys and the insights these provide into the benefits and costs of providing these services, a method for the decision-makers' choice of market-based method will be provided, which takes into account the type of externality, the values, the cost of provision, the institutional and legal conditions and who the stakeholders are. In addition, WP4 will also address how to design methods in ways that reduce transactions costs, risk premiums etc for the overall benefit of society. This work will result in a set of guidelines for policy-makers on the application and design of market-based methods.

Work Package 5

Robert Mavsar, EFIMED

Stakeholder interactions and scientific advice
Project website and scientific reporting
Compile Guiding tool for Valuation, Costing and Marketing of Forest Externalities
Dissemination and public relations

The objective of this WP is first and foremost to undertake a significant dissemination effort. These outputs will be synthesised and presented in different formats targeted to specific needs of the users. This includes the compilation of an easy accessible Guiding tool for Valuation, Costing and Marketing of Forest Externalities, a project website, targeted seminars and workshops as well as dissemination in several national languages. Furthermore, within this WP, NEWFOREX will facilitate the involvement of stakeholder interactions at crucial steps in the project.